About the Realtor - John Campbell

Originally from London, John Campbell's love affair with real estate started over 20 years ago when he bought his first investment property and he hasn't lost his love of it over all the transactions since. He now resides and works in Los Angeles and has become a vital real estate resource for residents of the whole Greater Los Angeles area. He now can be found helping his clients navigate the expansive geographical terrain of the whole LA area from San Marino to the Hollywood Hills to LA's beaches to Malibu and beyond. 

John has a wide reaching international network of clients and contacts which is an incredible resource for perspective sellers and buyers. His honest, genuine approach to providing quick, timely advice to clients that ultimately saves buyers and sellers not only time but thousands of dollars.

John's practical, solution based approach to navigating the real estate market partnered with his extensive knowledge of the category makes him a highly-sought after agent helping clients sell, find and buy their dream homes and investment properties in the whole Los Angeles area. 

From finding and buying your dream home to making your next real estate investment. From selling your home and trading up or scaling down or diversifying your portfolio John can help with all your real estate needs and make the whole experience a very pleasant one.